When you originate $25 million in mortgage loans annually, you must be doing a number of things right.

I have been an exceptional performer because; “I seem to have a knack of putting myself into the customer’s mind, and I think this enables me to better visualize just what the customer needs”

As a successful mortgage loan officer since 1985, I understand the mortgage lending process from start to finish. My customers appreciate my knowledge from my lender’s view point because it ultimately saves them time and money.

I really enjoy being able to have hundreds of options available at my fingertips. My company’s quick turnaround capabilities and a “can do” attitude fit right into my personable style of doing business. “I love dealing with families and thrive on the difficult jobs. I take a great deal of pride when I can help a young family achieve their dream of home ownership”.

I also feel strongly in my ability to find a loan product that will satisfy the needs of even the most difficult prospect. Give me a tough assignment and I will get it done, that is why I have been able to consistently be in the top 10% in the country in loan volume. I am always quick to say, “Loans are my only business – my sole purpose here is to get my customers loan done”

Tom Hlava
Vice President of Mortgage Lending

1431 Opus Place
Suite 105
Downers Grove, IL 60515
Google Map

Office: (630) 969-4600
Cell: (630) 660-9790

Fax: (630) 969-4670




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